Cycle Card - Contactless Crypto

Cycle Card - Contactless Crypto

The way to build your crypto audience

What is Cycle Card?

Cycle Card is a 'cold storage' wallet with high-grade hardware protection, developed by Tangem. Non-retrievable private keys prohibit the replication of the card and assets stored on it.

Cycle Card can hold different types of digital money. Your customers will be able to pay with popular digital assets like BTC, ETH, USDT and more.

Cycle Card Features


The easiest, fastest, and most inexpensive way to turn your audience into cryptocurrency users. Cycle Card can be topped up and sold at any store that accepts cryptocurrency payments.


Growing in popularity, contactless payments are becoming the preferred method of paying for goods and services. A quick and easy interaction with Cycle POS terminal makes payments with Cycle Card fast, safe, and simple.


Each Cycle Card is bound to a one-off depersonalized wallet address on the blockchain without any personal accounts or private servers. Backed by 100% uptime and an unblockable P2P network of all blockchain nodes.

One tap to pay,
one tap to top up

Accept payments with digital currencies as easy as with traditional contactless cards and earn on topping up your customers' Cycle Cards.

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Cyclebit is a global payments solution with acquiring partners in Europe, Asia, North America, South Africa, expanding to MENA. Service is available in selected jurisdictions..