Widen your margins

Connect to
the real world

Today crypto exchanges exist as “things-in-themselves” disconnected from the real world, made almost exclusively for converting one digital asset into another. A rather narrow group of professional crypto traders sets the tone. They are rarely loyal to one certain exchange, switching their operations between several.

We work on bringing crypto to retail, giving people a simple way to purchase and spend it in everyday life, using accessible payment infrastructure. It is an opportunity to play a role in promoting crypto as an easy way for everyday payments.

What’s in it for you?

Customer base

Support everyday payments for real goods and services at hundreds of local and international merchants, growing your daily margins.


Increase your daily turnovers with POS terminals in Europe, Southeast Asia, and America, (launching soon in Germany, Italy, UAE, Korea, and Japan).


Connect to and grow a stable community of active and loyal merchant clients. They will provide a steady stream of deals on crypto.

Making things work

Crypto exchanges play a significant role in Cyclebit system, speeding up transactions and providing up-to-date, fair, and balanced exchange rates for transactions.

Cyclebit creates an ecosystem of POS terminals, mobile apps, processing, and management software. It links together customers, merchants, and exchanges.

Altogether, it makes payments with crypto and purchasing crypto for customers as simple as using a card or contactless payment.

What do we need to
start working together?

API for generating new cryptocurrency wallets (addresses) in the blockchain to make a deposit at the exchange.

Capability for small deposits (starting from USD 1.00).

Capability for free-of-charge topping up of cryptocurrency wallets.

API for monitoring pending deposit transaction in the exchange system before the first confirmation in the blockchain.*

API for monitoring withdraw transactions in the exchange system.

API for submitting purchase and sell orders on cryptocurrency.

API for withdrawing funds from the exchange.

Capability for submitting sell orders for cryptocurrency that is to be deposited to the wallet address
(generated in line with conditions mentioned in the previous sections before the first confirmation in blockchain, for pegging of the exchange rate).

API for onboarding new clients and KYC.

API for free-of-charge transactions inside the exchange.

*The process can take up from several weeks to a month, depending on the type of the blockchain used to issue the coin and the queue for the integration.

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The solution works in any country, with acquiring in Europe and cryptocurrency payments available in selected jurisdictions.